A better desktop and mobile experience, more productivity tools and faster than ever before


New Features of Nagios XI 5.7



Fresher, Cleaner Mobile Experience

Navigate, view, and manage alerts faster and easier than ever with our updated mobile interface!

  • More intuitive and helpful for responding to alerts and viewing network health.
  • Immediately visible when accessing Nagios XI from a tablet or phone.


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Adopt Appliances and Cloud Apps with New Configuration Wizards

As more appliances and cloud applications rely on JSON and XML for communicating performance data, you can stay on top of your evolving infrastructure!

  • Quickly adopt JSON and XML-based performance data into your monitoring environment for a more comprehensive view of the network.




Automated Deployment Tools

Servers and workstations can be quickly scanned, discovered and NCPA agents added in a matter of moments.

  • Increased deployment automation for network and infrastructure engineers, making their work faster and more accurate.
  • New tools feature the power of RedHat’s Ansible.


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Reduce Errors with Backup Management and Validation Features

Reduce errors by automatically backing up configurations and validating changes with the Nagios Business Process Intelligence tool!

  • Quickly identify undesired changes with improved and more interactive change management.
  • See exactly what configuration changes were applied from within the Nagios XI interface.




Work Faster with New Favorites/Bookmarks Feature

Quickly and more intuitively add nearly any commonly used screen or page with the new favorites feature at the TOP of the Nagios XI navigation screen!

  • When navigating to a specific service or host, or running a routine report, simply click on the new favorites icon to add it to an easy-to-reach spot.
  • Favorites can be easily added, modified or deleted.
  • Ideal for completing troubleshooting or project work faster.


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Faster Responses with New Audio Alerts

Get greater alertness for mission-critical response teams!

  • Operations Center now supports customizable audio alerts for those wanting to reinforce critical notifications.



Enhancements to Your Favorite Features



Full Support of CentOS/RHEL 8

As CentOS 6 nears its end, you’ll be prepared! Nagios XI now fully supports the newest versions of CentOS/RHEL. 

  • Easily identify infrastructure requirements before upgrading your production environment with Nagios XI’s sandbox testing instance that’s included with every Nagios XI license!


Expanded Audit Logging

User management and security tasks are now more efficient with expanded audit logging!

  • Includes more granular data points, such as API data that is logged and reports on what is added, modified or deleted, as well as the users associated with each action.
  • More easily debug and troubleshoot external service integrations.


Even Smarter Configuration Wizards

Make better decisions about potential issue notifications with more current data for each metric!

  • Any wizard utilizing the Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA) includes more intelligent defaults AND displays current values of the operating system’s metrics.
  • Get more pre-defined fields and more tailored data for every operating system.


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Better Bandwidth Reporting

It’s easier than ever to see general or sudden trends in network load and usage!

  • Improved bandwidth graphs and visuals deliver more flexible options for network and internet reporting.


Big Improvements in Speed and Performance

Get noticeably faster reporting and better stability during site-wide events thanks to the updated processing engine of Nagios XI!

  • If a large deployment encounters a site-wide outage, Nagios XI more efficiently handles the resource increase.
  • Run larger executive summaries significantly faster.



Additional Updates



Better Login Alerting

The login alert box tells you if the hostname or IP address used to access Nagios XI is different than what’s configured in system settings.


Expanded Bulk Modifications Tool

In the Bulk Modifications Tool, quickly add or remove service groups. Plus, checkboxes that allow you to choose the specific arguments you want to modify.


Instant Integration with Nagios Log Server

One click in Audit Log sends all audit activity to a Nagios Log Server instance.


Transparent Backgrounds

Dashboard backgrounds can now be transparent.


New Search Ability on LDAP/AD Import Page

A new search box on the LDAP/AD import page makes it faster and easier to find specific users. We also made it easier to select many users at once.


Updated Back-end Components

To address and resolve several bugs, we updated the Nagios Service Check Acceptor (NSCA), Nagios Remote Data Processor (NRDP), Nagios Plugins and Nagios Core.


Updated Objects API for Better Output

Objects API no longer converts XML to JSON; now it always returns the same structure at any result size and gives you a more consistent output.


Easier-to-use Host/Service Status Page

Remove the host status summary and service status summary dashlets from host and service pages, maximizing space and allowing you to see more on the page.


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Fewer Clicks Between Screens

Instead of going to old Nagios Core proxy pages, the command buttons in hostgroup and servicegroups now use a pop-up action, allowing you to stay on the screen when doing quick actions like scheduling downtime or enabling/disabling notifications.


Updated Wizards

The Exchange, Windows, and Legacy NSClient++ wizards now use our robust and supported Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA


View the Nagios XI 5.7 Technical Change Log