Significant new features that monitor more environments with fewer clicks


New Features of Nagios XI 5.8



New MS Office 365 Wizard

The new MS Office 365 wizard gets you monitoring critical data from your team’s collaboration and email platform! Get usage data, notified of inbox quotas, billing overages, and lots of other useful metrics.


Still have Nagios Core Instances? We made Migration a Snap!

The new Nagios XI 5.8 utility makes it easy to migrate nearly all of your Core data to XI with just a few clicks!

  • Import host and service configuration files
  • Import notification preferences and settings
  • Import host and service groups

Migrate your data in a fraction of the time and get your Nagios instances streamlined and consolidated!





Easier Monitoring for Linux

The Linux Server and Workstation Wizards now natively include the Nagios Cross Platform Agent (NCPA) to let you easily begin monitoring Linux applications and servers.


As Always, Engrained Cybersecurity

Nagios XI allows for true customization during installation, so you can see clearly into the product to ensure it’s aligned with security needs. In contrast to Windows-only monitoring solutions, our flexible deployment strategy allows Nagios XI to operate in offline environments (at no extra cost) and provide a higher level of protection from outside attacks.


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Enhancements to Your Favorite Features



Tighter Alignment between Auto-Discovery Scan and NCPA

After running an Auto-Discovery scan, Nagios XI instantly identifies the servers or desktops on which to deploy the NCPA. It’s now one seamless step!


An Easier Windows Deployment Strategy

For those with Windows environments, you can now deploy NCPA in a Windows environment more quickly and easily.


Track Configuration Changes in a Multi-Tenancy Environment

  • See the configuration changes to your Nagios XI instance for better visibility into your IT infrastructure.
  • Did you make a back-up last year but can’t remember what changed? Now you can look up details and compare them with what you’re currently running.  
  • Is a host or service missing? Does a check no longer work? With a few clicks, you can uncover what was added, modified, or removed since the last configuration change. Quickly identify changes, fix errors and continue monitoring with minimal downtime!





Interested in trying it out or upgrading?

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